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We wish to extend the hand of Jesus Christ to our neighbors, community and the world. Oakland strives to be a church where the faithful find renewal, the apathetic are awakened, the lost find salvation, and the young are inspired.  Everyone is encouraged to express their unique gifts while serving in God’s family.  Oakland affords opportunities to exercise spiritual gifts, while nurturing and supporting believers in their responsibility to share Jesus with non-believers.  We are always looking and anticipating with open hearts, minds and doors for the opportune moment to fulfill the Great Commission.  As we obey, we move forward in the knowledge that Jesus is always with us. 

Thank You, Oakland Veterans

Oakland Veterans Presentation 2014

From the Pastor

Now that we are safely in ADVENT, and moving toward the celebration of the Miracle in Bethlehem: The Birth of God’s only son, Jesus.

Advent, really, is a time of reflection upon God’s relationship with his son, and with us. Each week of Advent looks at a part of Jesus’s life as we move to the time of Nativity at Christmas.

God is called by a variety of names in the Bible, and each one sheds light on an aspect of His nature. Jesus’ favorite title for Him was Father. Surprisingly, this name for God is used only 15 times in the Old Testament, but in the New Testament, it’s recorded 245 times!

Many of God’s names speak of His majestic and lofty attributes that separate Him from mankind, but Father conveys intimacy. Jesus used this name not only because He was God’s Son, but also to help people realize that Jehovah isn’t some unapproachable Deity gazing down on us from a distance. Rather, He is also our loving heavenly Father, who cares about us and he wants to be involved in our everyday lives.

Throughout His time on earth, Christ revealed, by example, what this kind of love relationship was like. He depended completely on His Father for daily direction, power, and provision and obediently carried out every instruction. He often left the demands of ministry just to find a secluded place to be alone with His heavenly Father… We know Jesus successfully showed the riches of this relationship to His disciples, because in John 14:8, Philip said, “Lord, show us the Father”—he wanted to know the Almighty the way Christ did.

That is the way I look at my ministry here at Oakland, I want to give each of you a glimpse of Jesus in your daily life, and with that, how to become closer in relationship to God. This is a perfect time for it, the Advent Season.

Do you long for that intimacy with God?  He wants to relate to you as a Father to His child, and He’s given you the privilege of drawing near to Him. In fact, He chose you before the foundation of the world and waits with open arms for you to enter His loving embrace, even as you read this.

May you know blessing after blessing this season of Christ, and may you realize just how loved you are. Share that special Christmas season by offering some small miracle in someone’s life this month, for it is a season of blessing for each of us to go the Christmas-extra-mile with the Manger in plain view.
Pastor, Padre, Brother Woody

From Our Parish Nurse

I don’t have much to report this month.

If you haven’t received your flu shot yet for the season, I would suggest you get it done soon.

Also, if you are in the giving Spirit this season, we are still in need of unisex pull-ups in large and extra-large.



wilma_woodford@yahoo.com, or cell, 1-859-588-3313.


Wilma Woodford, MSN Ed, RN

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*Congratulations to Sara Cox and Michael Zimmerman on the birth  of their baby girl, “Blakely Mae”   on Sunday November 16th weighing  in at 8 lbs. 7 oz and 21½” long.   Also congratulations to grandparents  Aaron & Donna Cox and Aunt Emily.

 *Congratulations to Rhianna McCormick who made All State Choir

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