Oakland Health Ministry

Oakland now has a Health Ministry! Wilma Woodford, our pastor’s wife, is a Registered Nurse. A room has been made available for medical supplies. These supplies include everything from crutches, canes, wheelchairs, and handicapped shower stools to disposable under garments. Donations to this ministry, whether monetary or additional supplies are always welcome.

In October, during the Herbst Camp Springs Tour, Wilma made flu shots available at the church. Shots were $20.00; however, if someone could not afford the $20.00, an anonymous donor covered the charge. What an Outreach this was and is!

Donated items may be brought to the church on Sunday mornings or Wednesday evenings. Monetary donations can be sent to:

Oakland United Methodist Church
P.O. Box 368
Alexandria, KY 41001

Make checks payable to: Oakland United Methodist Church

Be sure to write “Parish Nurse Program” or “Health Ministry” in the memo area of your check.

We look forward to attending to our community’s spiritual and physical needs!


2 Responses to Oakland Health Ministry

  1. Deborah Wilson says:

    I have some medical items for donation and am wondering if you can use them. 4 prong cane, walker, bandage supplies, masks, 30ml syringes, nestle tube feeding, cpap machine. Please let me know. Thanks, Debbie

    • wrf1 says:


      Thank you for offering these items to the Oakland Health Ministry. I have forwarded your message to our Parish Nurse, Wilma Woodford, to work out the logistics for making this donation happen. If you do not hear from her, her Email address is wilma_woodford@yahoo.com.

      God Bless.

      Rusty Fries

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